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Artisan Knifemaker based in the UK, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of hunting and chefs knives.

Each piece is handmade with passion and attention to detail, the art of  the knifemaker is their ability to cut and shape steel, then with the alchemy of heat alter its properties so it will take and hold a cutting edge however the art in the knifemaker is his or her ability to dress the knife in such a way as to improves its functionality and enhances its appearance, that is where i stand.



        SF100 is a stainless steel forged in Sheffield originally conceived as a razor blade     steel with a great combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and ease of               sharpening.


  • 14C28N is stainless and has good corrosion resistance requiring modest maintenance when not in use, it offers excellent edge retention coupled with ease of sharpening.


  • 01 is a carbon steel which will naturally develop a pewter/grey patina which itself helps protect the steel. It will rust if not oiled when out of service. It offers good durability, excellent wear resistance, good edge retention and is very easy to sharpen this is my steel of choice for a working field knife


Each sheath is handmade to fit a particular knife and has been deliberately constructed to have a snug fit as the leather will soften with time. Knives should not be stored in their sheaths for long periods of time as the leather traps moisture around the knife.

All knives are currently shipped free of charge by Royal mail tracked and insured.

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