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Some of my work

Pieces I have completed in the past. 



4MM 14C28N Scandi ground trailing point. Here i have elctro etched the blade. The bolster is buffalo horn with nickel silver pins. Scales are Kirinite White Pearl pinned with carbon fibre and set on G10 liners


Gannochy Macnab Stalking Knife

One of a number of knives made to comemorate the succesful completion of a Macnab Challenge on The Gannochy Estate. They feature custom mosaic pins depicting Red Grouse, Red Stag and Salmon. The Scales are silver birch harvested from the estate. There is filework on the spine and the blade is stamped with the same diameter as a .270 round.



Bark at the moon

Here I dressed A Moocher blade with stabilised Maple burr, then pinned it to represent the constellation of The Plough with a howling wolf mosaic. The blade was mirror finished


Ghurka Riffles

This was a lovely commision to work on, it was for a close family friend. Mirror finished blade with full length false edge. The scales were stabilised Coolabaha burr pinned with custom mosaics depicting a Roe buck, red stag and crossed Kukris. The first CJ1 design I made

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